Hi, I’m Trevor and I am pleased to welcome you to my

Fine Art Prints Gallery

I started out many years ago taking photographs and through natural progression I became an artist. I love being outdoors, in nature, and like nothing better than to capture with my camera what I see and then turning those raw images into beautiful fine art prints complete my goals to tell the story of the land and it’s inhabitants.  The natural Australian landscape is both beautiful and harsh and is teaming with living things that have made these ecosystems their home. I consider my photographs to be portraits of Australia.

As a artist or fine art photographer I see the world around me in a very unique way and I photograph the Australian landscape locations I visit in my own way, often quite different to other photographers. Everywhere I go, day or night, there are great and small subjects to be found in the natural environment.

Once my personal discoveries have been captured and safely stored in-camera, I then have the need to share my discoveries and the best way iv’e found is to turn those precious images in beautiful fine art prints.


Photography has been my lifelong hobby, nature and natural landscape photography is my passion and  producing beautiful fine art prints is my goal.


My fine art print galleries contain photographic images of my favourite Australian landscapes, the places and experiences that have shaped my appreciation of the natural world around me and it is my wish that you to will be inspired by the images and themes contained within my prints. In the gallery pages, you will find the shopping cart icon, please use it to select your favourite images, then go on to purchase your own copy of my Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. You will be able to really see what excites me as the prints are far more descriptive than the simple low resolution images you see on-screen.

Please, come join me on the journey, I’d love to have you along…

I look forward to reading your comments about my work and the fine art photography prints I have presented, also I hope you will join me by subscribing to my newsletter, and following me on my social media sites.






Trevor Lundstrom

Australian Fine Art Landscape & Nature Artist / Photographer


Please enjoy the beautiful landscape and nature portraits I have photographed.


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Photography and text © Trevor Lundstrom