Print Prices And Policies

1 – Important notes about placing your fine art print orders.

There are two easy ways for you to place orders for my fine art photographs, these are described below.

I like and most of my clients like to talk to me personally when placing their order. Doing so is easy. Simply call me directly 0409 500 842 if you live in Australia, or +61 409 500 842 if you live outside of Australia, and I’ll will take your order over the phone.  I will be happy to provide answers to any questions you may have and advise with choosing your options. You can use your credit card and your orders will be shipped as soon as possible. This is my mobile or cell phone so if I am in a remote location with no service, you will be asked to leave a short message, please do and I shall return your call as soon as I am able.

If you prefer to place your order over the internet, you can do so by using the shopping cart option provided. This is very easy to use; payment is through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account, you can still pay with your credit card. Contact me if you have any difficulty with this. As soon as your order and payment  is received, we will email you, confirming our receipt of your order and to confirm the details. Please ensure you have provided us, your email address during the sale process to enable us to confirm your details prior to dispatch of your order. You will be reminded of this after the order is placed and you are returned from Paypal to this site.

Once again, because I do all the work myself, your order may take a little time to reach me if I am away and in a remote location where I have no phone or internet access. Send a message and I will do my best to keep the dispatch date as close to your order date as possible.



Please note that prices displayed, DO NOT include shipping. The cost of shipping artwork orders is added to orders based on destination and this is displayed at the Checkout. All fine art limited edition prints including “Print Of The Month” will be dispatched, insured and track-able to ensure your investment is protected. Other prints and products will be sent regular mail, however should you wish to have the insurance and track-able options, feel free to ask and the cost will be added to your order.

At any time, feel free to phone me directly or email me; and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Print Of The Month


The Print Of The Month is an opportunity for you to collect my work at a discounted price. For the duration of the month which the print is announced, the price is reduced to just $95.00 AUD and shipping / postage is free.

You can see the Print of the Month collection and details here. Click Here



2 – My Unique Warranties

I offer four unique warranties to protect your investment:

This page is just a summary, click here to see the full details.

1 – The Trevor Lundstrom Three month, 100% money back guarantee
All artwork purchases are covered under my 100%, “take three months to decide” money back guarantee.


2 – The Trevor Lundstrom Lifetime Fade-free Warranty
My work is exclusively printed using fade-free fine art archival papers and inks. All artwork comes with my exclusive Fade Free Warranty.

3 – The Trevor Lundstrom Lifetime Framing Warranty
If you purchased your artwork framed from us, and if your framed artwork was to get damaged because of our framing, I will reframe it or replace it at no charge. 


4 – The Trevor Lundstrom Fine Art Photography  Personal Style Warranty
I guarantee that my work is done according to my personal style and shows the scenes I photographed in a way that is different from what other people looking at these same scenes would see.  Read my Artist Statement for more in-depth details about my personal style.


3 – The four following characteristics apply to every fine art limited edition print

– Each photograph carries the unique Trevor Lundstrom Fine Art Seal of Authenticity
Each photograph comes with my unique Trevor Lundstrom Fine Art Seal of authenticity label on the back of your artwork. 


– Each fine art print is individually hand-signed by me the artist – Trevor Lundstrom
All of my photographs offered on this page are signed on the print and on the mat .

– Each image is printed using the latest equipment and supplies
Digital photography is a quickly changing medium. As technology and supplies changes, so do my workflow and approach to producing each fine art print.

– Trevor Lundstrom fine art limited edition print prices increase regularly
This pricing structure guarantees that your investment increases in value proportionally.


This page is currant as at February 2015

Trevor Lundstrom


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Trevor Lundstrom, Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer


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