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A Short Description of Print Paper, Inks and Processes I use.

Fine Art Photography Prints in true colour

I use only the Giclee (pronounced jee-clay) process for printing my fine art prints. It is perfect for photo-art and limited edition prints.

Giclee prints are widely accepted in the world’s finest museums and galleries as a true fine art medium.

The Giclee process uses advanced 2880dpi printing technology to apply archival Ultra Chrome pigment ink. Pigmented inks are much more durable than dyes which fade and deteriorate quite quickly.

I use two different archival papers to print my images, each has particular qualities that I love and suit the work that I do perfectly. I also print onto cotton canvas, Aluminum and Acrylic when requested.

Chromajet Metallic

Chromajet Metallic – Gorgeous, highly dimensional high gloss paper with a remarkable ‘opalescent’ metallic finish.

This paper has to be seen to be believed, it’s really gorgeous.  It’s a high gloss media with a remarkable metallic finish.  I choose this paper for most of my images as it can really make them sing like no other paper.

Key Features

  • Metallic finish
  • 290 GSM
  • Fibre Based
  • Amazingly three dimensional

Hahnemühle Textured Photo Rag

Hahnemühle Fine Art Inc. is a paper manufacturing company in the Relliehausen district of Dassel, Germany. It is the world’s leading producer of coated papers for giclee printing. Other products include artist papers for traditional painting and printing techniques.

Hahnemühle is the inventor of Fine Art giclee Paper with a special ink-receiving layer surface treatment suitable for today’s UV inkjet printers. This is particularly suitable for high-quality photography, computer art, and painting and photo reproductions.

A traditional fine art favourite – the surface is a lovely smooth matte finish, and the weight/rigidity of the paper at 308 gsm is excellent. The surface has a very slight texture (in fine art terms it is a smooth paper) – just enough texture to give the paper itself a little life, but not enough to impair image detail in any way. You will not find a better fine art giclee paper than this, and if you haven’t seen it yet you’re in for a real treat!
Made from 100% cotton rag, and designed to last several centuries, this paper has been independently tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research in combination with the Epson Ultrachrome K3 inkset and in both colour and black and white offers longevity figures (for properly cared for prints) as good as anything in the industry.

Key Features

  • 100% cotton rag
  • 308 gsm
  • Completely matte, smooth surface
  • Bright white, unbleached (contains a small amount of optical brighteners)
  • Acid Free
  • Fantastic colour gamut and velvety deep blacks
  • Excellent image sharpness

There are three reasons I use this paper;
1. It is a museum quality paper
2. It’s a super heavy fine art paper being 308gsm!
3. There are 3 surfaces to choose from – Smooth, Satin & Textured.  I use the textured most often as it provides an added dimension to my images when printed onto the lightly textured surface.


Printing Inks

Ultra Chrome pigment ink

Epson’s Ultrachrome  inks are pigment based and offer a very wide colour gamut, and deep velvety blacks. Independently verified longevity ratings indicate the lifespan of these inks (when used on high quality papers) meets or (in most cases) exceeds the longevity ratings of other common colour printing processes – over 100 years for colour and over 200 years for black and white prints before visible fading occurs. The testing methodology used to produce these figures is vigorous and accepted industry wide, and while no one can point to a 200 year old inkjet print just yet, the same methodologies that are used to evaluate display and storage conditions of the world’s most valuable art works are now being applied to my fine art inkjet or giclee  prints.

Printing with these inks allows us to make prints that are free from unwanted artifacts and flaws often found in colour processes such as bronzing and metamerism. With these inks we can achieve exceptionally high quality results on a broad range of media types, from high gloss to completely matte watercolour papers, and on materials like canvas as well. Strong blacks, rich shadow detail, and a broad, smooth colour gamut allow for prints of both tremendous subtlety and great power.

On some papers, black densities now significantly exceed traditional chemistry papers, giving images of startling luminosity and depth.


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